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Meine Leistungen

Managementberatung mit Fokus auf

Meine Leistungen

Managementberatung mit Fokus auf






Strategie­entwicklung, -planung, und -umsetzung


Prozessanalyse und -optimierung


Vorhaben der Orga­ni­sa­tions­verän­derung (wie zum Beispiel Über­nahmen, Fusionen, etc.)



My Services

Corporate consultancy with a focus on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises; also in a global context.

I provide you with trustworthy consultancy in all classic management disciplines, such as:

From strategy planning to development and implementation.

A few examples: whether growth strategy, brand strategy, innovation strategy, etc. It is important to clearly define the strategic goals and always keep them in mind. Which business model is the right choice for your project? Which strategy should be chosen when entering a market in the context of internationalisation? These are just some of the questions I would like to help you answer.

Within the organisation, it is important to adapt the processes to the strategic corporate goals. Analysis and optimisation of strategic and operative process management are essential.

Further questions and challenges can arise in the context of corporate development. M&A, the associated integration of entire organisational units, locations or departments, but also internationalisation could be mentioned here. Social, political and/or technological parameters can shift in the course of time. It is important to always realign the company accordingly. Change management is becoming increasingly important in this context.

Especially sales management, brand policy, product management, pricing policy and, of course, customer relation management can be mentioned as examples…

… just to name a few.

Would you like to know more about my service portfolio or do you have specific tasks? Then I would be happy to invite you to a personal meeting. Please contact me.